Tapodaya Thirth kshetra Bijoliya Parasvnath is situated in bijoliya town, This place has world biggest Stone Inscriptions providing proof of this place to be more than 2750 years old! Acccoring to the inscriptions, this is the place where Lord Parshwanth aatined Kevalgyan (divine Knowledge). Also the place where Kamath (Enemy of Lord Parshwanath) from 10 lifes did ‘Upsarg’ on Parshwanth. Surrounding the ancient temple, Teerthankar idols are installed in mini temples.

There are many several temples, and most of temples are in under construction the main lord (Mulnayak) lord is paraswnath. & the whole temple & statue is found from earthsurface.

Here there is an type of pool (BAWARI) & a big pillar of lord, called maanstambh this is the Asia’s biggest pillar.

Here there is an huge red temple which is made up of different types of stone & all material it’s a huge red temple

There are many statue of trithankars and lords inside the red huge temple and 24 trithankar are present inside the temple

There is an huge samosaran of the paraswnath Trithankar, 23rd trithankar of jainism.

The rock inscriptions are both dated 1170 AD and 1 of them is supposed to be the biggest in Asia.This place is supposed to be old more than 2750 years, as is clear by petrographs. The Kshetra is about 2 km ahead in south – east of Bijoliya Town. This is the only Jain temple in Rajasthan where any Kalyaanak of any Teerthankar has taken place.

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During the Chaturmas, the Jain monks practice Varshayog. The monks perform austerities like fasting, maun vrat etc. In this time all the jain monks are stay at the same place like ( Thirt Kshetra, Atishay Kshetra) & a huge temple.


sadhu sadhvi samans and samanis shivir shivrarthi shrawak A new category of sadhvis and sadhus who are granted certain exemptions in respect of food and travel. Unlike sadhus and sadhvis, they may use a vehicle and are free to accept food specially prepared for them. Camp. A person attending a shivir.


Panch Kalyanaka Pratishtha Mahotsava is a traditional Jain ceremony that consecrates one or more Jain Tirthankara icons with celebration of Panch Kalyanaka (five auspicious events). The ceremony is generally held when new Jain temple is erected or new idols are installed in temples.


Trust: Shri Digambar Jain Parshwanath Atishay Kshetra Committee, Bijoliya

*Shri Ghanshyam Luhadiya, Chitordgard (01472 240199)

*Shri Narendra Jain, Reporter, Bijoliya (094141 48290)

*Shri Lalchand Patawari, Bijoliya(01489 236634)

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