Mandakini mandir is situated in bijoliya town, this is very old mandir of Hindu dharma.There are three Shiva temples here — Mahakal, Undeshwar Mahadev and Hajareshwar temples — built over a 200-year-old period. Except for the priests who are gathered under a tree and chatting away, we can’t see anybody else around.

This is one of the largest sculptures at the Bijoliya Temple Complex, and one that has been sculpted with a lot of detail. In spite of being mutilated, its sinuous form is mesmerising as is the single visible eye of Hayagriva. Though the Undeshwar Mahadev Temple has forms of Vishnu on its external walls, the Mahakal Temple has just this, making it, in my opinion, even more significant.

‘Mandakini Kund’. When we visited it had just been used for a ritual bath by several Jain men, who then afterwards sat under a nearby Banyan tree. But this is not the main attraction here, since this small ‘baori’ is just an attachment to the far more important three Shiva temples around it, about which one can read in Tripadvisor under bijoliya Hindu Temple’ (also by me). ‘Mandakini Temple’ is an unsual term for this place. On an explanatory plaque by the entrance, put up by the Archaeological Survey of India, it says: ‘Mahakal and two other temples. Bijoliya.

It is a must visit place in Bijolia only if anyone is crossing Bijolia. I haven’t seen a water storage inside a temple which was an amazing experience.
This is the one and only place in Bijolia and sice People of bijlolia are of very good nature they guide you.
Ancient architecture very well built but now a days no maintenance at all. Bonus tip for kids- easily found parrots in the morning Bijolia has a rich past when it comes to Rajasthan. So keep in mind and feel it.

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