Bhimlat Waterfall

Bundi district is the temple of Bhimlat Mahadev, which is located on Bijoliya Marg in Rajasthan. There is a temple of ancient Bhimlat Mahadev here. This temple is situated a little below the ground and can be reached by stairs. The specialty of this temple is the continuous consecration of Shiva here.

Bhimlat waterfall attracts a lot during the rainy season and attracts tourists. Bhimalat waterfalls are one of the beautiful waterfalls of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is generally known for the hot and hot summer heat, but the Bundi region of Rajasthan is the farthest away during the monsoon. The average rainfall in Bundi village is usually higher than Delhi.

There are many monkeys and animals at this place, because it’s a totally forest area. here peoples are come to enjoy and for picnic purpose.

Historical Significance

A legend tells that during the Mahabharata period when the five sons of Maharaj Pandu and his mother Kunti came here during the exile period, Mahavali Bhima built this place to satisfy the thirst of his brothers and mother. Mahavali Bhima was the son of Pawan Dev and he hit a kick (foot) vigorously at this place which transformed the place into a deep moat.

Later, some research data about Bhimalat waterfall came out which shows that this place was formed by the earthquake that came here in the 8th century. Whatever be the truth, but this place is one of the tourist places of Rajasthan and also contributes to the fame of the state.

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